06. Support Processes

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  • Strategic business planning
    A strong link between innovation management and strategic business planning is necessary since the latter determines the transfer channels as well as the innovation search areas (see Business Development).
  • Risk and opportunity management
    Critical for the positive evaluation of an innovation project are very often the related ROI or NVP figures. Those are sometimes based on too optimistic and unreal sales and profit margins (see Business Development). 
  • Know how and Patent Management
    Innovation ideas usually are generated by creative and experienced employees. A company internal knowhow management can be a very efficient support. The innovation ideas have also critically to be evaluated against the technical state of the art and against potential rights of third parties. This is done by a proper patent management (see Technology Management).
  • Organisation development
    An efficient innovation management has to be accompanied by the related organisational measures. This refers to the organsiation of the innovation management itself as well as to strategy, ressources, steering, controlling, portfolio management and the innovation culture (see Organization Development).