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Consulting on

  • Innovation Management
  • Technology Management
  • Business Development
  • Organization Development

Our spectrum reaches from holistic approaches to innovation management to consulting on technology management, to business and organization development.

Your Challenges

The transfer of innovations into products and processes needs considerable experience. We support you on the topics:

  • Harmonisation with business strategy and planning in order to obtain the support from your top management
  • Adequate organizational design of the innovation management
  • Efficient innovation process
  • Processes to achieve the required technology maturity
  • Efficient transfer processes into product and process development and into other transfer channels if needed

Our Solution Methods

SRITec is a network of technology experts, business developers and financial experts in the legal structure of an association.

Besides a holistic analysis of the innovation processes as well as individually designed solutions we also provide on request consulting on efficient technology management and strategic business planning – taking into account chances and risks. We also provide you with guidelines on related organizational and cultural changes.