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Consulting on

  • Innovation Management
  • Technology Management
  • Business Development
  • Organization Development

Our spectrum reaches from holistic approaches to innovation management to consulting on technology management, to business and organization development.

Your Challenges

The transfer of innovations into products and processes needs considerable experience. We support you on the topics:

  • Harmonisation with business strategy and planning in order to obtain the support from your top management
  • Adequate organizational design of the innovation management
  • Efficient innovation process
  • Processes to achieve the required technology maturity
  • Efficient transfer processes into product and process development and into other transfer channels if needed

Our Solution Methods

SRITec is a network of technology experts, business developers and financial experts in the legal structure of an association.

Besides a holistic analysis of the innovation processes as well as individually designed solutions we also provide on request consulting on efficient technology management and strategic business planning – taking into account chances and risks. We also provide you with guidelines on related organizational and cultural changes. 

Business Development

Business development with focus on presence and future

We help you to take into account the unique opportunities of innovation and technology as well as the related critical risks for business, politics and scientific community

  • Performance of risk reviews
  • Development and implementation of technology and innovation strategies
  • Evaluation of opportunities and risks for your business areas
  • Identification of new business areas and such areas subjected to critical risks in the future
  • Operational due diligence for the M&A process

We align innovation and technology with an efficient management of chances and risks.

In the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world of today nothing remains unchanged. Strategies, customers, technologies, methods and structures are continuously subject to changes. Everything is on the test bench. Innovations determine our future.

Due to the enormous adaptation pressure on business managers and the foreseen changes in geopolitics, technologies, climate and society, a solid risk management is needed more than ever.

Organization Development

Organziation development is a planned systematic change management process. It allows to adapt organization and processes to the needs of digital transformation and its continuous changes under maximum involvement of all employees. A business culture with mutual respect, trust and maximum involvement is an essential success factor for the change management.

  • Together with you we analyse:
    • Purpose of your business also related to digital change
    • Your management and leadership vision 
    • Recruiting and human ressources training
    • Failure culture and your incentive system
    • Internal communication and dialogue with all stake holders
    • Efficiency of your organization and your processes
  • We support you to develop the concept of your change processes based on the preceding analysis
  • We offer coaching for your management. This will be an open processoriented approach to develop together perspectives and solutions for your company.
  • Based on an agreed time schedule, we validate together the achievements of the change process

Innovation Management

Technology Management

Transversal Topics

The quality of the strategy, innovation, organization, decision making and technology evaluation depends on the contributing people, their available knowhow and the applied methods and tools. The provision of the required ressources enabling the staff to make use of the existing knowhow in order to fulfill their tasks is often under estimated. For this transversal and very well linked structures are needed in order to involve all stake holders and to avoid short sighted and unbalanced views (silos).

In order to achieve this the focus is:
To make available the existing knowhow, to organise it and to refer to it efficiently, systematically,
transversally and as much as possible automatically.

This is the critical success factor in order to make the right decisions for your business and to develop successful products and services. The best use of the digitalisation potential also contributes to that. The successful work of SRITec is based on the focused application of our knowledge and allows us to support you for your critical core activities in order to activate the potential of your  internal knowhow and also to expand it properly. In order to better understand and anticipate the continuous changes of our world the existing knowhow needs to be continuously kept up to date.

We carry out studies for you to access new knowhow. Therefore we maintain a network of very experienced experts and lateral thinkers from different disciplines in private and public sectors.
Through this think tank we develop new perspectives and concepts which help you to look beyond the horizon of your daily business. Knowhow is the central transversal function of each system and also each company. „Data is the new oil“ is the saying, but only if properly used to power the engine which generates the critical and value adding knowhow for you.

Topics in the transversal area „knowhow management“

  • Knowledge acquisition in areas of future trends / access new areas of knowhow
  • Intergrated end to end structures with system engineering principles
  • Integration of knowhow management and organization
  • Knowhow management
  • Systematic decision making and steering
  • Transfer chain from data analysis to information and knowhow
  • Linked information management
  • Model based engineering
  • Data analytics
  • Validation of data quality and uncertainty
  • Selection of IT tools and infra structure

Your advantage:

  • Securing of your existing step ahead for the future
  • innovation push
  • situation awareness
  • steering capabilities
  • documentation and reproducebility
  • avoidance of double work and redundancies
  • avoidance of local optimization
  • automatization and applications for data analytics and AI
  • increased efficiency through reduced iterations and improved quality

Knowledge acquisition in areas of future trends / accessing new areas of knowhow

  • Based on the experience and knowhow from our experts we discuss future trends and develop new methods or adapt proven tools.
  • Workshops and trainings for the methods, instruments and concepts help you to expand your vision and to better manage the future. By this way you avoid negative surprises. You will be better prepared for unforeseen events and manage them constructively. Unforeseen events are often linked with great opportunities. Automobiles, personal computers, smartphones and others have been considered as great achievements at the beginning only by few. We help you to be smarter!

Our Team

Meet our team member

Dr. Michael Gruenewald

Dr. Michael Gruenewald

Director and partner SRITec e.G.
His focus is mainly on technology management, systematic evaluations, generation of roadmaps, global scouting, evaluation of technology trends and the execution of technology projects. This includes also the protection of knowhow and of results by means of a systematic knowledge and patent management. In the area of innovation management his focus is the idea generation process with consecutive transfer into business as well as public funded research.

Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein

Partner SRITec e.G.
Daniel Klein has more than 15 years of experience in setting up and optimizing process structures in companies. His competence lies in implementing, optimizing and making processes more efficient together with the customer – holistically based on opportunities and risks. Prior to his partnership at SRITec e.G. he held leading positions in one of the Big4 auditing companies as well as at EADS & Airbus. 

Dr. Valentin Kloeppel

Dr. Valentin Kloeppel

Partner SRITec e.G.
His area of expertise within aeronautical research is flight physics, electric aeronautic propulsion, flight mission simulation, acoustics, wind tunnel analysis and wind turbine technology. Within research management he is an expert for the generation of IP rights, acquisition, planning and leading major national and European research projects as well as in their evalution. 

Ruediger Koppe

Ruediger Koppe

Partner SRITec e.G.
He contributes with the leadership experience of 20 years in the German Air Force as head of operations of a flying training squadron, flight instructor, wing flight safety officer and assistant to the wing commander. He has worked for a renowned Munich business consultancy as project leader for process analyses and business reorganisations. After that he joined Airbus as head of business development for pilot training systems and space systems for defence and security. He is certified as Digital Transformation Consultant. He is an expert for the analyses of company cultures and how to improve them.

Dr. Hans Lobentanzer

Dr. Hans Lobentanzer

Director and partner SRITec e.G.
His focus is mainly in the area of innovation management, especially the overall framework, the market based research, the core process and the inhouse transfer as well as the public funding opportunities. In the field of business development his expertise is the development of business plans for innovative products and processes. New concepts and systems engineering is his focus in the area of technology management.

Axel Mauritz

Axel Mauritz

Partner  SRITec e.G.
In the areas of innovation and technology management his focus are methods to manage the process from target analysis, idea generation, holistic evaluatiun of alternatives and the monitoring of the efficiency of the developed measures. For the transversal topics his competence is mainly in the integration of the required bricks into a knowledge based working area. The goal is the generation of a robust and sustainable architecture of the system analysed – in the field of innovation, for strategic concepts or for a product. The base is a strong competence in systems engineering, using the potential of digitalisation including data driven and model based approaches for the virtual product generation.

Christoph Schwager

Christoph Schwager

Partner at SRITec e.G.

Strategist, former Chief Risk Officer, former partner at EY, entrepreneur, Certified Public Accountant.

Since years he manages the transformation of organizations and projects in order to be better prepared for the future, to control the uncertainties and improve their decision making.

He enables investors, companies and projects to realize new business potentials by optimized, integrated structures for focused decision making and acting, extended monitoring and clear view in times of continuous changes.

To integrate value, steer organizations and projects. He innovatively combines strategy, performance improvement, finances and risk management.

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