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The quality of the strategy, innovation, organization, decision making and technology evaluation depends on the contributing people, their available knowhow and the applied methods and tools. The provision of the required ressources enabling the staff to make use of the existing knowhow in order to fulfill their tasks is often under estimated. For this transversal and very well linked structures are needed in order to involve all stake holders and to avoid short sighted and unbalanced views (silos).

In order to achieve this the focus is:
To make available the existing knowhow, to organise it and to refer to it efficiently, systematically,
transversally and as much as possible automatically.

This is the critical success factor in order to make the right decisions for your business and to develop successful products and services. The best use of the digitalisation potential also contributes to that. The successful work of SRITec is based on the focused application of our knowledge and allows us to support you for your critical core activities in order to activate the potential of your  internal knowhow and also to expand it properly. In order to better understand and anticipate the continuous changes of our world the existing knowhow needs to be continuously kept up to date.

We carry out studies for you to access new knowhow. Therefore we maintain a network of very experienced experts and lateral thinkers from different disciplines in private and public sectors.
Through this think tank we develop new perspectives and concepts which help you to look beyond the horizon of your daily business. Knowhow is the central transversal function of each system and also each company. „Data is the new oil“ is the saying, but only if properly used to power the engine which generates the critical and value adding knowhow for you.

Topics in the transversal area „knowhow management“

  • Knowledge acquisition in areas of future trends / access new areas of knowhow
  • Intergrated end to end structures with system engineering principles
  • Integration of knowhow management and organization
  • Knowhow management
  • Systematic decision making and steering
  • Transfer chain from data analysis to information and knowhow
  • Linked information management
  • Model based engineering
  • Data analytics
  • Validation of data quality and uncertainty
  • Selection of IT tools and infra structure

Your advantage:

  • Securing of your existing step ahead for the future
  • innovation push
  • situation awareness
  • steering capabilities
  • documentation and reproducebility
  • avoidance of double work and redundancies
  • avoidance of local optimization
  • automatization and applications for data analytics and AI
  • increased efficiency through reduced iterations and improved quality

Knowledge acquisition in areas of future trends / accessing new areas of knowhow

  • Based on the experience and knowhow from our experts we discuss future trends and develop new methods or adapt proven tools.
  • Workshops and trainings for the methods, instruments and concepts help you to expand your vision and to better manage the future. By this way you avoid negative surprises. You will be better prepared for unforeseen events and manage them constructively. Unforeseen events are often linked with great opportunities. Automobiles, personal computers, smartphones and others have been considered as great achievements at the beginning only by few. We help you to be smarter!