02. Technology Evaluation

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The systematic technology evaluation in cooperation with you allows a clear view on your status – especially with respect to new technologies. It also provides a view on necessary investments in knowhow, skills and hardware. Finally it supports you in the decision to which depth you need to develop and handle relevant technologies yourself.

For a systematic analysis, a set of processes and tools is made available.

  • Degree of Maturity
    Based on the NASA TRL (Technology Readyness Level) scheme with adaptations to different technologies and processes, a pragmatic and solid analysis can be made of your specific technology requirements, the maturity levels needed and their related time schedules and financial requirements. 
  • Market Access
    Technology advantages can serve as market barriers for competitors and fast followers. Part of your service is to develop those advantages for you and to sustainably secure them.
  • Customer Benefit
    The transfer of technical innovations into products is in general complex and costs time and money. To evaluate the effort with respect to the achievable customer benefit helps you to select the right balance between the investment into new technologies and the related risks for your business. 
  • Make or buy
    This overall analysis provides you with a basis for a solid make or buy decision in order to integrate new technologies into your products.