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07. Public Funding

In some industrial sectors e.g. the aerospace industry, public funded projects are very often used to carry out innovation projects rather cost efficiently. We support you in the decision when public funding can be useful for your innovation projects and also to find public funding calls for to place your project. We can also be…

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06. Support Processes

Strategic business planning A strong link between innovation management and strategic business planning is necessary since the latter determines the transfer channels as well as the innovation search areas (see Business Development). Risk and opportunity management Critical for the positive evaluation of an innovation project are very often the related ROI or NVP figures. Those…

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05. Transfer

Critical for a successful innovation management is the selection of the proper transfer channel or in general the proper internal customer, who also decides on the product requirements and takes over part of the innovation development costs. Transfer channnels can be :  Innovations for existing products (programs, R&D) Process innovations (programs, R&D, production) Transversal product…

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04. Process and Project Management

A central aspect of the innovation management is the governance of the core process which comprises the elaboration of ideas to the implementation into products and processes. In general such processes are carried out as projects. One of the most popular models is the Cooper model, which exists in a basic version as well as…

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03. Preparatory Work for Idea Generation

We support you  to implement your innovation management sustainably in your business planning, which provides the thematic frame for idea search areas and the time frame for the innovation process. We can also elaborate inputs for the innovation search fields based on technologies as well as market inputs. We support you to better understand the…

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02. Framework Innovation Management

For a successful innovation management it is important to see the whole picture. The targets of innovation management are normally set by the strategic business planning, which includes also the relevant transfer channels. Due to the importance  of innovation management there exists often a dedicated organisational unit inside the company board. We offer support for…

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